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    Picture Gallery

Look inside to see all the latest pictures.  From moments after birth to recent updates at home, make sure you check often for all the newest pictures.

    Video Gallery

Here I've compiled just a few videos of Alex and Mia.  The two main videos are when we got home and woke Mia up from her nap, and then again when Mia met Alex for the first time.

    Alexander's Siblings
Born:   December 18th, 2009
Time:   1:29pm
Weight:   10lbs - 1oz.
Height:   21.5"
Kyle Benjamin Royer

God considers us special people to have us go through something as traumatic as losing a child.     "God never gives us more than we can handle"    Click  Here

Mia Kylie Royer
Mia was born with a special condition requiring a small bowel transplant.  She continues to be a blessing and inspiration in our lives.  Click  Here

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